Glass Spice Bottles Vs Plastic Spice Bottles

If you are a lover of spiced food, you must have several spices in your kitchen. How you store your spices will determine whether they will stay fresh for a long time. For your spices to retain their freshness and spice your food as expected, you must store them in spice bottles. However, spice bottles are made of different materials, so you must choose the best. In this article, we will discuss glass spice bottles and plastic spice bottles. Which ones are the best?

Even though both plastic and glass spice bottles are good for storing spices, one performs better than the other. Many people prefer glass spice bottles over plastic ones for the following reasons.

Protecting Spices from Moisture

One of the reasons for storing spices in a spice bottle is to protect them from moisture. Unfortunately, some plastic spice bottles are porous, which allows some small amount of air into the container leading to contamination of spices. Once air enters the bottle, the freshness of the spices is lost, and the spices expire even before the expected expiry date. Glass spice bottles do not allow air into the bottle, and therefore they protect the spices from moisture. This makes the spices stay up to the expiry period.


A Secure Seal

When buying spice bottles, you should look for a bottle with a secure seal to ensure your spices will be free from contamination and spillage. Glass spice bottles are more secure than some plastic spice bottles since the glass bottle’s cap has good contact with the bottle hence closing it tightly. But there are also some plastic spice bottles with a secure seal, so if you decide to buy plastic spice bottles, you must ensure you buy a spice bottle with a secure seal. Whether buying plastic or glass spice bottles, you must ensure in case the bottle falls, the spices will not spill.

Protection from High and Low Temperatures

When plastics are exposed to extreme high or low temperatures, it tends to leach hence introducing plastics into the spices. In addition, spices put into plastic spice bottles have the taste and smell of plastics, which make them lose their natural flavor and aroma. On the other hand, glass doesn’t leach chemicals into the spices, which will keep them natural and healthy for use. However, all spice jars should be kept in the dark and not directly exposed to the sunlight.


Glass spice bottles can be used repeatedly without degrading in quality. Plastic spice bottles can be reused but with time, they warp, melt or degrade. You need to be extra careful when storing plastic spice bottles, so ensure you do not place them in a place with high temperatures like near or above heated kitchen appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, oven, or microwave. Glass spice bottles are preferred since they offer long service and don’t need extra care when handling them.


When comparing a glass spice bottle with a plastic bottle, a glass spice bottle lasts longer than a plastic spice bottle. This is because plastics are malleable; hence some can get dents, and their shapes distort. When their normal shapes are interfered with, it is hard for the lid to close the bottle tightly, which will endanger your spices in case the bottle drops. Besides, it also creates a good condition for moisture to destroy your spices.


Environmental factors, such as moisture, sunlight, etc., can affect spices. Therefore, buying a spice bottle that will protect the spices from damage and all the environmental factors is essential. Glass spice bottles have proved to be the best for spices for their amazing qualities. In addition, storing spices in a glass spice bottle is safer and healthier.

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