The 6 Best Spice Shakers of 2023

Spice shakers play a crucial role in the kitchen, imparting a burst of flavor to our cherished dishes. In 2023, the market is teeming with innovative and efficient spice shakers that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. As a leading glass spice shaker manufacturer, Zibo Jiachang is delighted to introduce to you the six most popular spice shakers of 2023.

1. Glass Spice Shaker Jars With Revolving Rack Basket

Black metal basket spice rack, set with 6 glass spice shakers. This is perfect for those who like an organized kitchen but don’t cook much. A set contains 6 spice shakers. If you often cook, the six spice shakers can fully meet your needs.

In addition, the spice shaker shelf has two special designs. The upper part is a handle design, which allows you to arrange the spice shaker in two rows so that you can hold it in your hand and move all the spices at any time. Another design is that it uses a rotating base, which can save space in the kitchen and make it convenient for you to take the spice shaker.

2. 360 Rotating Spice Shaker Glass Bottle

The spice bottles of this spice shaker set feature high-quality glass and plastic for durability and hygiene, while the rotating rack, made of plastic, ensures lasting resilience. This rotating spice jar set, with six containers for frequently-used spices, keeps your kitchen organized and easy to clean. The transparent glass design allows for quick seasoning selection, and the versatile containers serve as oil, salt, and pepper dispensers. With this convenient setup, you can say goodbye to arranging seasonings and effortlessly find what you need for efficient and enjoyable cooking.

The 360 rotating spice shaker glass bottle is particularly suitable for individuals who enjoy cooking at home, especially those with a busy lifestyle such as working professionals and office workers. Its convenient design streamlines the cooking process, making it an ideal addition for individuals who appreciate both efficiency and culinary creativity in their kitchen routines.

3. Magnetic Tin Seasoning Spice Shaker Set With Wood Stand

Crafted with a magnetic base, these tin seasoning spice shaker securely attach to the included wood display stand, offering an organized and visually appealing storage solution for your favorite spices. This spice rack is made of wood and is suitable for those who are environmentally conscious.

Although the spice shaker bottle is not a transparent glass bottle, the lid is transparent, so users can easily identify what kind of spice is in the spice shaker. This set only has four spice shakers and can contain limited spices, so it is not suitable for those who have extremely high requirements for gourmet food, but is suitable for people who do not cook that frequently.

4. Glass Spice Shakers With Green Metal Spice Rack

This glass spice shaker set is perfect for people who cook frequently. There are 5 spice shakers in the set, and the bottle has a large capacity. The bottom of the bottle is made of transparent glass, so users can easily identify the spices in the bottle and it is not easy to take them by mistake. The top of the spice shaker adopts a rotatable design. When in use, align the hollow part with the position of the spice outlet. When not in use, you can turn the solid part to the position of the spice outlet. This prevents dust from falling into the spice outlet, making it clean and hygienic.

The shelf is designed with upper and lower layers. The spice shaker that needs to be used is placed at an angle on the upper part, and three canisters for storing spices are placed on the lower part, which avoids the shortage of spices during use.

5. Mixed Color Cylinder Glass Spice Shaker Rack Set

The unique spice shaker shelf features a distinctive curved and bridge-shaped design, combining aesthetics with functionality. The colorful spice shaker outer packaging design retains some hollows. The hollow parts allow users to clearly distinguish the spices inside through the glass, which is both beautiful and practical.

The set of 6 spice shakers is completely sufficient for people who have extremely high requirements for gourmet cooking or people who like to study various new recipes while cooking. The bridge-shaped shelf design leaves some space at the bottom of the spice rack, which gives users more space when there are many things on the kitchen table.

6. Glass Spice Shaker With Rotating Spice Rack For Cabinet

16 glass spice shaker with rotating spice rack keeps your spices neat and easily accessible. This rack features a swivel design to keep spices organized on the counter or in pantries and cupboards. Each jar features a removable sifter tray, allowing you to easily sprinkle, scoop and pour spices or refill the jar. These glass jars feature clear markings on the bottle to help you find your spices quickly.

With a set of 16 glass spice shakers, this collection may not be the ideal choice for those who cook infrequently or prepare predominantly single-type dishes. However, it proves highly suitable for dedicated chefs seeking a versatile and comprehensive spice selection for their culinary creations.

Customize Spice Shaker from Zibo Jiachang

If none of the above six spice shakers can meet your needs, you are welcome to contact us to customize your own spice shaker. Elevate your brand with tailored options, including various sizes, shapes, and lid choices.

As a premier manufacturer, Zibo Jiachang provide you with high-quality, customizable solutions at competitive rates. Our meticulously crafted seasoning spice shaker sets and racks effortlessly integrate aesthetics with practicality, meeting the discerning preferences of both home chefs and culinary professionals. 

Whether you are in need of a reliable manufacturer for seasoning spice shaker sets or have bulk procurement requirements, feel free to reach out to us. Looking forward to cooperate with you!


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